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down in the streets of washington d.c.

i wasted all my time

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r*u*l*e*s*- for joining the community:

a)please keep the message boards clean-ish. it's okay to swear but please refrain from derrogitive name-calling that might offend other members.
b)RESPECT EVERYONE'S OPINION. I cannot stress that enough. Everyone has their own opinion so please respect it and ignore them. And if you do not like Good Charlotte then please do not come in here and trash them.
c)Not everyone is the ultimate Good Charlotte fan, so please respect those who maybe don't know as much or are just getting into Good Charlotte, or maybe only like them because "Billy is freakin hot". Be nice.
d)please no pornographic images or anything like that.
e)you must be at least thirteen.
f)feel free to post any pictures or fanfictions you like in the community. we are all for it. :).
g)please fill out the membership application at the bottom and either send it to sleepz_in_late@yahoo.com or you can post it in any entry and I will get back to you. It shouldn't take too long. (just about everyone will be accepted. :)
h)again, not everyone likes the same things, so please, if someone is trashing your opinions or really getting on your nerves, let me know. I will take care of it.

*a*p*p*l*i*c*a*t*i*o*n* for being accepted into the community:
(the only reason i am have made it manditory to fill out an application is because I don't want any spam or bad people (i.e.: the KKK) to join.)

*1*how long have you been a Good Charlotte fan?
*2*who is your favorite band memeber(s) and why?
*3*what is your favroite Good Charlotte song and why?
*4*what is your least favorite Good Charlotte song and why?
*5*which CD do you perfer (if you have heard them both)and why?
*6*what do you think of Benji loves ____ fanfics.
*7*do you like reading GC fanfics?
*8*do you like/have fan art?
*9*if you remember, what was the first Good Charlotte song you heard?
*10*why do you like Good Charlotte?
*11*what do you think of Good Charlotte's "Young and Hopeless" CD?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application. I will contact you shortly to let you know if you are in or not.